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Holidays with the kids: Your go-to holiday family packing list

By JoJo Maman Bébé

Hip hip hooray, did somebody say holiday? The flights are booked, the hotel is secured, now all that’s left to do is pack everyone’s suitcases.

This year, say goodbye to last-minute packing and dashing. Now, we’re making lists, shopping ahead and making our happy holiday lives easier with a bit of holiday packing list preparation.


Before getting everything ready though, there’s two things you might want to consider:-

1. What clothes have the kids outgrown? Last year’s clothes might be too small, or it could even be their first time on holiday!

2. Where are you staying? Look into what your hotel does, and doesn’t supply so you’re not packing double or being left without. Do they already have a cot or a pram for the tiniest family member? Is entertainment and games provided or should you make space for their favourite toys?

JoJo Maman Bébé is here to help you break down the essentials you’ll need on your holiday packing checklist.

Read all four sections — travel, sleep, daytime, and evening — and you’ll find packing much, much simpler!

Car Journey Travel Essentials

Holiday packing list for travelling

- Water bottles

- Backpacks

- Tonies for entertainment
- Books
- Sticker books
- Activity toys
- Sickness tablets
- Muslin cloths
- Spare change of clothes
- Sleepsuits
- Multiple cuddly toys
- Baby swaddles
- Bedtime stories
- Sleeping bag with suitable TOG
- Nightlight
- Slippers
- Sun hats
- Suncream
- Casual comfy clothes
Extra pairs of socks
- Multiple pairs of shoes
- Sweatshirt or hoodie

You’ve counted down the days, now it’s go time. Passports, quick wee, feeling rushed off your feet, lack of sleep, one last run to see if you’ve left anything behind. If your travel usually looks like this, there’s a few travel accessories that will help car journeys, flights and everything in between feel calmer.

Let’s talk hand luggage – make sure to pack snacks (plenty of them), water bottles, travel potty, muslin clothsbooks, spare socks and pants – these all fit into a backpack.

For the journey preparation, consider car shadesbaby carriers, or lunchbox essentials. Travelling in the car? Clip activity toys onto car seats to keep small minds ticking for miles.

Make road trips even more exciting with a game of bingo. Watch mini travellers shout everything they can see and tick off bingo cards with stickers in sticker books. All those ‘Are we there yet?’s’ will quickly become ‘Let’s keep going!’ 

Top Tip: If you’re travelling late, keep kids in their pyjamas so when you finally arrive at your destination they can jump straight into bed - it’s a win-win for everyone.

Bedtime Travel Essentials 

Holiday packing list for bedtime

- Pyjamas

How to sleep - it’s the question we’ve all asked at some point. We’re here to help when it comes to sleeping at home with our sleep guide. But what about sleeping away from home?

Well, babies, toddlers and kids might find it more of a challenge to sleep on holiday. From hotel slumbers to midday sun-kissed kips, there’s a few items to pack for an easier snooze.

First things first, don’t forget the kids’ pyjamas! From matching PJ sets and baby sleepsuits to baby sleeping bags to suit each climate, little ones will feel sleepy and snuggled with these home comforts.

Set the mood with a night light to tackle different time zones and ease anxiety towards unfamiliar places.

And whatever you do, remember the soft toys that they can’t sleep without. Our comforters offer saves you £5 when you buy two (and trust us, you’ll want two). For if they lose one or get theirs dirty, you’ll be grateful for having a clean spare at the click of your fingers.

Daytime clothes

Holiday packing list for daytime

- Swimwear

For holiday days full of adventure, sun and lots of fun, explorers will need the right outfits to get go-go-going. When packing suitcases, make a checklist for each child to sort out every outfit for those activities and plans.

If you’re heading to the beach or pool, make sure to pack colourful kids’ swimwearsun hats and beach towels so they can dive (quite literally) right into the action.

For climbing, lounging, racing and chasing moments, pack the comfy basics. With our 3 for 2 multibuy offer, you can shop t-shirts, leggings, joggers and dresses for versatile, easy-breezy holiday wardrobes. 

Multibuys are perfect for mixing and matching, having spares, sharing and of course making plenty of mischief and mess.

Make space in the case for practical shoes, including trainers, sandals and swim shoes. Heading on a mini staycation? Don’t forget to pack the kids’ wellies and raincoats for the unexpected drizzle.

Evening outfits 

Holiday packing list for evenings

- A semi-smart evening outfit

- Light layers for breezy evenings

- Family time games and puzzles

For candyfloss sky evenings dedicated to family dinners, disco dancing or tending to toys over some fruit juice, there’s a few things that can make winding down for bed or partying past bedtime a joy.

First of all, make sure to pack a layer or two for when the temperature drops. We love our kids’ sweatshirts and hoodies, but the real wardrobe winner is our reversible hoodies. Messy stains at dinner? No problem, turn it inside out!

Don’t want to wear the same print as yesterday? Swap to the other side to rock a new design. Reversible jackets are life savers for packing light and having more looks for less.

If the holiday entertainment calls for a more picture-perfect outfit, we have girls’ dresses for twirling and boys’ tops and polo shirts that make a statement.        

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