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Lhamos Momo Pop up!

8 Jun 2024

 Experience the tastes of Tibet with Lhamos Momo

Popping up on Saturday 8th June, Lhamos Momo specialise in traditional Tibetan style dumplings, made by hand using fresh ingredients.

Momos come steamed or fried and have two different filling options - beef or vegan. Don't forget the chili dipping sauce!

Find them between Fone Fixers and Victoria R from 10am!

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Find out more about owner Lhamo!

'I was born in Tibet and escaped to India with my aunt in 1997 for political reasons. Momos are a big part of Tibetan tradition and culture. They are usually only eaten for special occasions since they take a lot of time to make at home, and all ingredients have to be prepared without some of the common tools used in the West.

They have been a significant part of my life, and whenever I invite friends and family over for momos, it brings back memories of my childhood and family. Starting in 2017, I began selling momos every year in Daisy Bank. Seeing the joyous expressions of the event attendees as they ate our offerings and experienced a taste of Tibetan culture brought me a lot of joy. I look forward to giving people the opportunity to immerse themselves in Tibetan culture. I hope our offerings bring joy to all who try them.'


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