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Sourdough Masterclass

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Sourdough Masterclass

19 Sep - 20 Sep 2021

Sourdough Masterclass

 The Artisan Bakery are offering a sourdough masterclass from their Stroud branch. 

In this class you will learn how to make & maintain a sourdough starter. Each Participant will mix their own dough, stretch & fold and shape it, and take the load home in a banneton (provided) to bake the next dat. In addition to working on the take-home loaf, you will make sourdough chocolate chip cookies and sourdough crackers. 

Julia will talk you through the different types of flour and how to mix in additions like seeds or olives, teach you how to best bake sourdough in a domestic oven.  You will get the chance to bake some of their signature sourdoughs for you to taste. For lunch we will make sourdough pizza with some salad. 

Included in the class will be:

- Coffee & pastries on arrival
- Sourdough load in banneton
- Baked goods
- Light lunch of sourdough pizza & salad

Head over to their main website to purchase your tickets: