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Pershore Seafood at Five Valleys Stroud

Pershore Seafood

Pershore Seafood at Five Valleys Stroud

There’s plenty more fish in the sea… and they’re all at Pershore Seafood.

Pershore Seafood are experts in everything fish. From sustainable sourced fish to fresh lobster taken straight from their inhouse tank, and beautifully pre-prepared crab to hard-to-find saltwater varieties, all of their produce is direct from coast to customer.

Headed by expert fishmonger David Witts and his team, Pershore Seafood stock a range sustainable fish from Plymouth, Fleetwood and Scotland including cod, haddock, salmon, and shellfish.

David’s family have more than 100 years of history as Fishmongers and a passion for selling quality and sustainable produce.

Unsure of how to prep your fish? David and his team are on hand to give you advice on how to prep and cook even the finickiest of fish.

You can also find them in Pershore, Gloucester and Oxford.

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Store contact info

Store contact:
David Witts

Store address:
Market Stand 21B
Five Valleys Market
Five Valleys
King Street

Store telephone:
01386 555731

Store email:

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm

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