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Five Valleys Site Update

Five Valleys Site Update

10 Aug 2020

Work continues to progress well on the major redevelopment of the Five Valleys Shopping Centre in Stroud.

This week will see work continuing in the mall area where roller shutters are being installed to the shop and decorating is also continuing in this area. The new fire alarm system is also being installed and tested this week.

In the top level car park glass is being fitted to the new lift and the lift should be commissioned and working by the end of the month. This new lift will take shoppers direct from the car park to the newly refurbished mall area next to the indoor market.

The triflex work in the top car park has been completed now - 26 new car parking spaces have been created in this area with a total of 94 spaces now in this part of the car park. 

The glazing work on the Merrywalks elevation has been completed and this week landscaping work will be undertaken in the area outside Fat Tonis where new planting areas are being created.