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Five Valleys Site Update

Five Valleys Site Update

24 Feb 2020

This week the Speller Metcalfe are continuing their work on the stalls in the new indoor market area at Five Valleys and this area is starting to take shape now. 
The team have been working on installing new toilets to this area and the indoor market is planned to be launched over the next couple of months. 
The team have also been working on rendering the base of the multi storey car park as well as the Triflex covering work which is taking place to the rooftop of the car park. 

As well as this the floor tiling which is taking place nearby Dominos is set to be completed. 
Hoarding up in the front of the former New Look unit is taking place and this unit is ready for partial demolition. 

This week the titling to the Edwardian style mall floor area is also progressing well and the team are making their way to the front of the Wilko's unit. 
For more photos of progress on site go to