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Five Valleys Site Update

Five Valleys Site Update

24 May 2019

Site Update Week Commencing 27th May 2019

Progress is well underway with the work to Five Valleys Shopping Centre. The development which happens on site will be provided on a weekly basis and can be found below: 

The shops that surround this area remain open as normal throughout the duration of the work that is happening to improve the centre. 

Barnwood contractors who have been working on improvements to King Street are making major changes with their renovations.

Render, which is a first coat of plaster, has been completed to the front elevation of King Street and most of the scaffolding has been removed from outside Curios. All that is left of the scaffolding is a small section. 

The hoardings to the mall entrance are being scaled back as the work is being completed. As well as this the front elevation to Kings Street will continue forwards. Another significant change is that the concrete staircase has been installed around the back of Curios. This change releases areas of work along the back including steelwork, brickwork and stonework.

Ardent construction workers are now carrying out their scope of works in the residential flats along King Street.